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A new psychological suspense novel (Sapphire Books Publishing, 2021) is now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble & and independent bookstores.

Where her sister’s life ends, hers begins.

Tibbie Dyer, an impulsive, forty-three-year-old journalist, fears there is more to the story when Sandy, her gay, older sister, drowns in a boating accident off Cape Cod. As Tibbie hunts down the four survivors, she must confront her own sexuality and strained relationship with Sandy as she finds out whether it was an accident or murder. Soon she is deeply entangled not only in the secrets behind what happened, but also in the damaged lives of everyone else involved.

Luke Blackmore, Sandy’s sexually harassing boss and the boat’s owner, remains at the Manhattan publishing company where Sandy worked. But Penelope Blackmore, Luke’s manipulative daughter and ex-vice president, has fled mysteriously to a deserted mill town with Hayden Pierce, Sandy’s photographer ex-girlfriend. Myles Small, the publisher’s former graphic designer, with his bad stammer and coke habit, is barely surviving in a rundown train boxcar near the accident scene. One by one, Tibbie ferrets out what these survivors are hiding until the shocking conclusion of what it costs her to learn the truth about her sister—and herself.

Written with alacrity and tension, A New Life crackles with the intensity of its characters and the psycho-emotional self-examinations of their dark desires that led to that one fateful day.

TheTreehouse-Web version

Included on AfterEllen’s 2018 Your Ultimate Gay Girl Summer Reading List. Print, ebook, and audiobook via Amazon, Audible, Ingram, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, iTunes, Bookshop (an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores), and independent  bookstores.

Camilla Thompson, a Humanities college professor who never did write that Great American Novel, hasn’t seen her son Nico for two years. One morning she drives to the house where her ex, Allison, is still raising Nico. Knowing that they are away for a week’s vacation, Camilla begins to build a treehouse as a surprise for the son she’s not allowed to see.

But Camilla’s regrets, grief, and lack of construction skills aren’t the only challenges she’ll face. Old friends and unexpected visitors show up to help—and complicate matters. Free-spirited Taylor, Camilla’s best friend, arrives with her lover, Audrey, whom Camilla finds herself falling for. Then Wallace, Camilla’s Department Chair, disrupts everything with startling news that threatens to end Camilla’s career.

Rendered with heart and humor, The Treehouse is a novel about love, loss, motherhood, and how one woman rebuilds a new life from what remains of the old one.

“Randi Triant’s insightful character-focused novel The Treehouse finds an intertwined cast dealing with relationships, love, and trauma.” Foreword Reviews

“The Treehouse is fast-paced, emotionally intense, and utterly captivating. You’ll love this story, but you’ll love the characters even more.” Reader’s Favorite Review

Short Stories and Flash Fiction

Two in the Morning, The Woven Tale Press, Volume VIII #6, September 2020.

Never, Ever Bring This Up Again, ImageOutWrite, Volume 7, Ed: Jessica Heatly. Rochester, NY. 2018.

The Pecking OrderArt & Understanding: 20th Anniversary Anthology, Eds: Chael Needle and Diane Goettel, Black Lawrence Press, 2014. (Originally published in Art & Understanding: America’s AIDS Magazine in February/March 1996.)

Fossil, Art & Understanding, December 2008.

Starfish, Salt Flats Annual Journal, 2007 Winner of Emerging Fiction Writer Competition. Commenting on why she chose ‘Starfish’, judge and author Wendy Rawlings said, “Though it’s a story about infidelity and betrayal, which have of course been written about thousands (millions?) of times, the unsentimentality and economy of this writer’s prose and the precision of the images, which slide effortlessly and therefore convincingly into metaphor, make this old subject new and affecting.”

The Memorial, Fingernails Across the Blackboard: Poetry and Prose on HIV/AIDS From the Black Diaspora, Eds: Randall Horton, ML Hunter, and Becky Thompson. Chicago, IL: Third World Press, 2007.

Tequila Sunrise, (under Berit Fortier), Christopher Street, Issue 175.

Waiting for Someone Like You, Snake Nation Review, Issue 15.

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